Still life with Cherries

Still life with Cherries

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Medium: Gouache, Pastel and Ink on paper.
Size: 76cm x 56cm / 30 " x 22"
Specially Commissioned Artwork: YES
Signed: Garry John Orriss
Traceable artwork: YES. Registered with GoArt-Authenticated and the Garry Orriss studio's.
Studio Seal: YES. This artwork is embossed with one of the artist Berlin Studio Seals.
Secruity Hologram: YES (See notes).

Notes: This specially commissioned Artwork is hand signed, dated, embossed with one of the artist studio embossing seals and comes with a tamper proof high security hologram along with a Validation Code and Artwork Identification Number. Please Note! This Artwork is traceable and the owners details are registered on the official owners list at Goart-Authenticated and with the Garry Orriss studios. 'Still life with Cherries' is also our most popular free downloadable Wall Paper and owning to this success an original is considered an excellent investment for the future. An original artwork is made only behalf of the customer and may vary slightly from the sketchbook image shown. 

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