Limited Edition Signed Poster "Breaking Borders"


Limited Edition Signed Poster "Breaking Borders"

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Only 150 Posters Worldwide.

Title: Ten Couples, Breaking Borders
Product: Limited Edition Poster, Signed by the Artist Garry Orriss
Limited Edition: Only 150 posters exist. (numbered 1 to 150)
Poster Size: 100cm x 70cm / 39¼ " x 27½"
Signed, Dated: Garry John Orriss 2010 (artists full signature)
Traceable Poster: YES. Registered with the United States Library of Congress 2010, the Garry Orriss studios and GoArt-Authenticated 2010.

Notes: This beautiful limited edition Garry Orriss signed photo-art poster shows Ten Couples where Hutu lay with Tutsi, Israeli with Palestinian, Greek Cypriot with Turkish Cypriot, Czech with Slovakian and so on. Many of the people in the artwork are breaking political, social and religious taboos and are considered by Us to be the Real Ambassadors. There are only 150 posters worldwide and each poster is numbered upwards from 1 – 150. It is signed by the artist Garry Orriss, dated, embossed, individually numbered and has an internally coded High Security Hologram. The poster is traceable and has an Artwork ID Code, Identification Number and Validation Code with the owners name registered on the official owners list at Goart-Authenticated. This outstanding Garry Orriss signed poster represents fantastic value and will appreciate in worth for many years to come. It is recommended for art investors and collectors of rare and unique posters. Around the border of this poster (NOT SHOWN HERE) is written a personal saying by the artist that reads: “All the seas in every quarter are as brothers to one another, why is it then that courage is the price that is paid for granting peace? By changing the inner attitudes of our minds can we only then change the outer aspects of our world. Garry Orriss 2010.” Please note that € 10.00 Euros from each hand-signed poster sold is donated by the artist to Cancer & Leukaemia Research, for more information see our links below.

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