Tattoo Art Nr. 4 (Major Artwork)


Tattoo Art Nr. 4 (Major Artwork)

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Only 75 Artworks Worldwide! MW_MYP4

Title: Yvonne and Mario (Tattoo Nr.4)
Medium: Large Format Fine-Art Photography
Edition: 75
Signed: Garry John Orriss
Dated: 2010
Size approx: 145cm x 125cm / 57 " x 49"
Traceable artwork: YES. Registered with The United States Library of Congress 2010 and at GoArt-Authenticated 2010.
Security Hologram: YES (See notes).

Notes: With only 75 artworks worldwide this Garry Orriss large photograph makes an excellent investment! Each photograph is traceable and is signed by the artist, dated, embossed, individually numbered and comes with an internally coded High Security Hologram along with an Artwork ID Code, Identification Number and Validation Code. Shown here are a real couple, tattooed with historical Marquesas tattoo inks, designs and motives. This large photographic artwork will make an outstanding investment and is guaranteed to take centre stage in any fine art collection or art investment portfolio.

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