Ten Couples, Breaking Borders

Ten Couples, Breaking Borders

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Title: Ten Couples, Breaking Borders
Medium: Fine Art Photography
Size: 51cm x 41.5cm / 20" x 16½"
Dated: 2008
Signed: Garry John Orriss.
Traceable Artwork: YES. Registered with GoArt-Authenticated 2007.
Studio Seal: YES. Embossed with an official Garry Orriss Berlin Studio Seal.
Security Hologram: YES (See notes).

Notes: Extremely rare this fine art photograph has personal thoughts written by Orriss around the artworks borders. It is stamped, titled, dated, embossed and comes with a Validation Code, Artwork COA ID and high security hologram making the artwork traceable. Ownership details are registered on the official owners list at GoArt Authenticated and with the artists studios.

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