Octivia and Wayne, Stories in the Sand Nr.1

Octivia and Wayne, Stories in the Sand Nr.1

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Medium: Fine Art Photograph.
Size: 51cm x 52.5cm / 20" x 20¾"
Signed: Garry John Orriss (artists full signature)
Traceable artwork: YES. Registered with GoArt-Authenticated 2010 and the United States Library of Congress 2010
Studio Seal: YES. Embossed with an official Garry Orriss Berlin Studio Seal.
Security Hologram: YES (See notes).

Notes: This artwork is traceable and is signed by the artist, it is stamped, dated, embossed with a Garry Orriss Berlin Studio seal and comes with a Validation Code, Artwork COA ID and tamper proof High Security Hologram. The artwork has a 5cm white border with a 6cm base and is an outstanding addition to any fine art collection or investors portfolio. Within the artwork is an Aboriginal couple laying on a background painted with crushed stones and traditional colours and inks from the Australian desert. There are 27 designs representing 27 individual Aboriginal stories. The artwork is traceable and the buyers name is registered on the owners list at GoArt-Authenticated.

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