Illusions, Etching

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Illusions, Etching

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Title: Illusions
Medium: Etching
Paper Size: Approximately 380mm x 210mm / Approx. 15" x 8¼" inches.
Signed: Garry John Orriss, also embossed with the artists monogram.
Plate Size:
50mm x 50mm / Approx. 2" x 2" inches.
Limited Edition: No: Numerically numbered upwards open end.
Embossed: YES: 'illusions' is embossed with two of the artists Berlin studio embossing seals, one of which is the artists monogram.
Certificates of Authenticity

Notes: This etching has been individually hand coloured by the artist. In 1985 while producing an edition twelve unsigned works were stolen from the Meadowbank School of Art Printers-Room. In 1986 a miss-spelt forgery signed Gary John was detected. It is believed that the artist tried to recover the other 11 stolen artworks before completing the edition, something that was abandoned over time. Twenty two years after its original creation date, Illusions is now being issued as a special Garry Orriss hand-coloured artwork. (Hand colouring is considered a more contemporary practice and was undertaken by Orriss for various reasons. Each artwork has slight variations occurring and is considered more individual). This artwork is traceable and has the full GoArt Six Point Security System, see below.

Artwork Information
Certificates of Authenticity

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