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Tattoo Postcard

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Mario and Yvonne Tattoo Postcard
Product: International Artist Series Nr. 1 (Photography)
Postcard Size: 170mm x 120mm

This inspirational postcard shows real tattoos on a painted background with Marquesas tattoo inks and designs. It is part of a ten year project in which the three dimensional form of the human body was tattooed to sink into a two dimensional surface. This Garry Orriss ArtCard is number ( 1 ) in 'The International Artist Series' and has important information with links about the artwork on the back of each postcard. The quality of this ArtCard is among the worlds best and made with industry leading SchoeningTM  thick gloss lamination technology. Please Note! For every ArtCard sold we are donating € 0.20 cents-Euro to cancer and leukaemia research, to see where the money goes click below.

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