The Cannibal

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The Cannibal

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Title: Willy and the man who killed his brother Nr. 1 of 2.
ArtCard Nr: International Artist Series Nr. 5. When Pictures Tell a Story.
Postcard Size: 170mm x 120mm

Inspired by photographs of Suki Cannibals taken by the artists grandfather Allen Sneesby in 1937, this image shows a Huli warrior from  Papua New Guinea in traditional dress holding the skull of the man who killed his brother. The man was killed in a war that started over the theft of three pigs in which 17 people were killed including Willy's father, brother and two cousins. Because of animist belief the teeth are removed and placed in two black burnt bowls, (see postcard).  Some of the skeleton has been put with Willy's ancestors to confuse the victim's vengeful spirit. This Artcard is number ( 5 ) in the Garry Orriss 'When Pictures Tell a Story - International Artist Series.' On the back of the postcard is links to relevant information including videos. Outstanding postcard quality made with industry leading SchoeningTM  tripple lamination technology. € 0.20 cents-Euro from this postcard sale is donated to cancer research, click  below and find out how the money is spent.

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