Before the Birth

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Before the Birth

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Anja and Quintino
ArtCard Nr: International Artist Series Nr. 6. When Pictures Tell a Story.
Postcard Size: 170mm x 120mm

Exploring cultural heritage and contrast Anja from Germany is pregnant and laying with husband Quintino from Guinea Bissau on a cork background with designs representing birth and fertility. Incorporated into the work are some of their personal sayings in German, French and English. The day this photo was taken their little baby Max was born. This Artcard is number ( 6 ) in the Garry Orriss 'When Pictures Tell a Story - International Artist Series.' On the back of the postcard is links to relevant information including videos.  As with all Garry Orriss ArtCards postcard quality is among the worlds best and made with industry leading SchoeningTM  trippleM lamination technology. PostCard is made in Berlin, Germany. Twenty Euro-cents from this postcard sale is donated to cancer research, see below for more information.

Donating to cancer research
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5 - 5 of 6 results